Saturday, January 8, 2011

Auld Lang Sine

You know? I have yet to make the Obligatory New Year's Post. Let me get all upons.

What are my Hopes? What are my Goals? Of what do I wish to rid myself? Or, what do I wish to assimilate into my daily life?

Hopes (in no particular order)
I decided that "Hopes" are too non-committal. One can hope all day long - but hope, to me, implies inaction. It belies a "bystander" mentality. So... I choose not to hope here; instead I created a few short lists of Action Plans.

Goals (in no particular order)
1) Start taking classes at the PLACE, geared towards small businesses
2) Plant (and help to flourish) a massive garden
3) Get handfasted to Nyyki
4) Make a solid Business Plan and Implement it
5) Increase physical activity, Reduce portion size
6) Take yoga classes for at least 6 months
7) Start Yoga Teacher Certification by year's end.

That of Which I Want to be Rid (in no particular order)
1) Self Loathing
2) the Persistent Anger that dogs me
3) chronic Inconsistency
4) "Destination" thinking
5) All or Nothing behavior
6) clutter
7) mistrust of Good Things

Things I Wish to Learn (and Apply) (in no particular order)
1) Yoga and Spirituality
2) Persistence
3) Inner Calm, even in the face of great strife or frustration
4) that Words have Power
5) Effortless Effort, and Removing the Weight of the World from My Shoulders
6) to Read Voraciously once more
7) organization skills

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