:: aBouT uS ::

This Blog has had many incarnations - from a (failed) exploration of Vegetarianism, to a personal blog - I've had it open for many years. If you'd like to read those musings, I've moved everything to:

:: Where the Wild Things Aren't ::

It's present, and probably permanent, incarnation is as a blog haven wherein expression and exploration of Queer, GLBT, and specifically Transgendered issues are safe, supported, and encouraged. I warmly welcome any and all who have an open mind and open heart, regardless of where on their path they may find themselves.

I'm Kayleigh. I am Queer. I am Bi-Sexual. And I'm in love with the most wonderful person, Norma, who identifies as both Queer and Transgendered. Who we are is much more complex than any label can convey. It is my hope that you'll enjoy getting to know us both, as I open up our lives and hearts in my musings herein.

Welcome, friends!