Friday, January 7, 2011

Who is Norma?

Well, first off, that's not my real name, of course. Posting one's real name on a blog is risky, especially for T-folks.

I've made more than forty but less than fifty passes around the sun. I have a degree in music from one of the schools in the University of Texas system. I also hold a Wiccan initiation, the equivalent of the third degree, though I don't practice Wicca per se anymore, and also have founded a northern Heathen Kindred.

My spiritual beliefs fall somewhere between a three poled arrangement between Neo-paganism, Norse Traditionalism, and New Age Metaphysics. I'm not bound to one philosophy, instead looking for answers from as many sources as possible. Taoism also plays a strong part in my faith.

I compose songs and musical works. I also write fiction and non-fiction. My fiction tends to science fiction oriented works, with some limited fantasy stuff. I also write some erotic fiction, some of which will appear soon on a few sites on the web. I am published, though of course I won't reveal when and where to preserve anonymity.

I have a strong interest in psychology. In fact I was looking at a career in it until recently. I'm working on establishing a recording studio that produces audio books soon.

Notice a strong lack of "I am" statements above? That's because I don't like them -- my identity is more than a label. The only thing I am is me.

Oh, one more thing -- I lost my vision in the summer of 2003. That's not a figurative statement -- I've been declared legally blind, and it's total, not partial blindness. And though I need a little assistance, I do alright. I have good orientation and mobility skills, a good sturdy cane, and a very good guide dog.

That's enough for now. Expect more thoughts from me here, and less sharing of my feelings. (I have other outlets for those) And of course, feel free to email me if you have questions or want to chat.

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